Refinancing your home loan and taking advantage of lower interest rates could save you a lot of money. But too few people understand how the process works or the potential benefits of refinancing your mortgage.

At Arch Brokerage, we’ve spent years helping clients understand whether there is a benefit in you switching banks. With market leading software and tools, plus years of practical experience, we make refinancing easy!

What are the benefits of refinancing?

  • Consolidating existing debts into one easy, lower-rate loan. 
  • Lower monthly repayments, increasing your monthly cashflow. 
  • Reducing your interest rate, allowing you to pay down your loan sooner.  
  • Future plans - your new lender may allow you to capitalise on future opportunities that your current lender doesn’t offer.  
  • Current plans – your current lender doesn’t have the policies allowing you to do what you want to do.