An investment loan allows you to purchase a rental property to then lease out to a tenant.

These loans are different to traditional owner-occupied loans because they are seen as posing a higher level of risk to the lender. You’ll use the investment property as security against the loan, but the amount you are able to borrow may be lower than a traditional mortgage. Interest rates are also higher on investment loans, in comparison to owner-occupier mortgages.

At Arch Brokerage, we ensure that we get to know your personal situation and can structure your loan accordingly, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Why an accountant is important when purchasing an investment property

While an accountant can help you through the process of buying and structuring your investment property loan, their real value comes at tax time. An accountant can ensure you receive all the benefits of owning an investment property, as well as guiding you through buying a new or established property. We believe having quality accountants on your side is crucial throughout the process.


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